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I have tried a number of humidifiers in the last 2 years and will actually return another one i just purchased after reading the manual and calling the company. I have very hard water here so it appears a filter is needed? Or, what guarantee, because this happened to me, is there that the cartridges will be available for at least a few years?

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Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Hi Nicole, Not a problem, there is a lot of information to digest. It is low maintenance, filters are easily available, regulates itself based on the temperature, sleep function, large 1. Easy to maintain, filters are readily available, simple operation, large 1.

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The mist- is there such a unit available? Needed for average size room. It seems the membrane is getting damaged when cleaning. So I want to avoid contact with the membrane. I believe it meets your requirements. I have a huge d9ubke height ceiling living room and am having a problem finding a free standing unit large enough to cover it — what are the largest free standing humidifiers you have come across? Hi Anne, Thanks for the great question. Surprised not to see Venta Airwashers on this list. No filters and the unit acts as both an air purifier as well as a humidifier. For those people who are interested in a combination purifier and humidifier, the Venta does seem to produce reliable products.

Hi Sumiyah, Thanks for contacting us. There are some clear differences between the 2 models. The other major differences are that the Levoit LVHH is a warm and cool mist humidifier, so by default, the warm mist will kill any potential germs in the water before it is released as mist into the air. I see many reviews and questions on Amazon claiming that this does much more then the number you stated. Additionally, I did note on the TaoTronics website it says Where exactly are you getting your numbers from as I was interested in this product?

But now see that the info is confusing. Thank you.

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Hi Ross, Thanks for the great question — you are right with all these room size estimates things can get a bit confusing. We took the range from the TaoTronics support documentation. The consensus seems to be that humidity should be between 45 and 55 in the winter. Warm mist humidifiers release their moisture-containing mist after either boiling water or warming it with a heating element. The boiling process may be the healthiest option because it kills germs, but boiling water can create danger if there are children in the household.

These humidifiers are particularly helpful for clearing clogged noses and sinuses and work best in smaller spaces. The humidified mist is then blown back out by a fan and the water evaporates into the air, making the atmosphere more humid.

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The sound is like a low hum of a fan with some very occasional water dripping sounds. Warm mist high setting is 65dB.

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Very low kettle boiling sound. Low humming sounds of the fan, and occasional water dripping sounds. At less than the price of our top-rated models, this is a very good option for those searching for a simple humidifier.

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The wick must be replaced periodically. A humidifier may help. This is the optimum range recommended by health professionals. The moist air can soothe dry skin, sore throats and irritated airways; relieve eczema; and moisturize dry mucous membranes in the nose, allowing them to do a better job of filter- ing dust, allergens and viruses and help the body defend itself against illness.

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